Documents Needed

Copies of following certificates / documents:

-In case of ballast condition during transit, ballast declaration form (Attached) to be filled in.

-Pre arrival forms File.
-Certificate of Registry
-International Tonnage Certificate-Suez Canal Tonnage Certificate-Crew List
-List of last 10 ports the vessel has called
-Certificate of classification (one copy).
-Cargo Manifest (full set for different discharging ports one copy) if not, there are : Bill of Lading, or Mate's receipt, or Certificate of quantity.
-Final Stowage (Cargo) Plan (one copy).
-Out of Cauge (OOG) list / oversized container list, declaring.
-Position (stowage), Cont. No., Type (20', 40' or 45'), Over-height
-(Upper) of the extension.
-Passenger List, if any (one copy).
-A detailed list, declaring the full dimensions in meters (LX BX H) for the Following:
  1. All closed wooden Boxes/cases on deck.
  2. Tanks on deck.
  3. Fabricated houses on deck. Supported by, Packing list/Load list if any.
  4. Floating units (yachts, tugs,., etc) declaration. Declares the full dimensions of Hull and Accommodations in meters (L X B X H) (Attached by any drawings and Suez Canal special tonnage certificate for these floating units if any)
  5. Heavy units declaration (declares the heaviest units on board, description of these units (ex. Turbine, generators....etc), stowed whether on deck or under deck and the quantity of each in m/t),
  6. If the vessel chartered/belong to any navy department, kindly prepare an official letter attached with charter party. You are kindly requested to prepare TWO copies of above mentioned documents stamped with ship's stamp to be available on board when the vessel enters Suez Canal, one set to be handed over to our colleague attending the vessel and the other for SC inspector.
  7. The following ORIGINAL certificates and plans must be available on board upon vessels arrival Suez for transit:
    • Suez Canal Tonnage Certificate.
    • Vessels Certificate of Registry.
    • International Tonnage Certificate.
    • Classification Certificate.
    • General Arrangement Plan.
    • Capacity Plan.
    • Engine Room Plan.